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In 1979 we have started our Real Estate business; nothing else than selling Real Estate

At that time our business area was exclusively in Germany.

Then the rare chance was offered to us to become active international. After consideration of all advantages and disadvantages we have recognised the chance and have moved in to the internatinal market.

At the beginning of the international adjustment it turned out necessarily that we also property management, flights, car hire and everything what were connected with it in the programme took up, because our customers asked over and over again for flight reservations and hired cars.

On account of the fact that customer service and satisfaction is our aim, the number of our customer as well as the number of our freelances continuously was increased.

That we were very independently on our trips, we have decided, that aims not served by Airlines we will fly into by ourselves. For it we needed different airplane types according to the intended purpose.

Because we chartered this, we have gathered an extensive data bank and thus what came from the need to travel became another Branch of business because from pilot's over and over again inquiries came whether we knew where and when an airplane would be available to be chartered.

Of course also the examination of the aeronautical knowledge of the pilots belonged to the aircraft rental, there was only a logical step that in the course of the time not only the examination of the charter pilots was carried out, but a complete training facility was created.

Real estates and airplanes are expensive capital goods and the financing and investment also belongs to it of course. Here we have created under the attention of the security and not the speculation investment as well as financing possibilities, which allows the investor to receive good yields with his investment. It is an offer to buyers who would like to finance capital goods and find favorable financing possibilities in line with market requirements.

Take action as we did, take your chance, become a freelancer with us, start a serious business with constantly rising turnovers and returning income

In a team of many independent employees you also will realise the possibility with time management you will gain private and professional wishes and future aims.

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