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A good investment should fulfil these criteria.

√ From first to the last day of your investment Security should
    be controlled up
√ A guaranteed yield of 7% gross this corresponds to 6% net in
    the  year 
√ Alternatively regular payment of the interest or use of a
    vacation apartment reduced by the amount of interest
    (No monetary transfer takes place for the interest).
√ The term must be easy to grasp for you.
    The finance branch makes a distinction between the following
      a short term                       1-7 years
      in the medium term         8-15 years
      in the long term more than 15 years
√ The notary public gives you “letter and seal“ on our promises.
√ That is called a safe and secure investment.

Example Form:


You grant this private financing from real estate purchase for 6 years.
Your Investment (minimum € 5.000) with us.

Now we guarantee an interest rate of 7% p.a. for up to 6 years

There is an additional unique handling charge of

The total amount of

will be transfered by you to our account.

Now we also acquire with your investment considering our quality criterions a real estate from arbitrary measures or bank supplies.

Now with the acquisition of the real estate your investment becomes a private financing.
Your interest claim annual at your choice:

x 6 years = total interest taking

Less the handling charge of

net amount


The financing runs off after 6 years, and you receive your investment / your private financing back at the rate of

You can invest on your money now once more with us.