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The bank crisis has shown to all how the bankers have gambled away the money of the investors and small money depositors not only, here we can really speak from uncontrolled gambling.

It is only known a few investors and money depositors that the accounts are sure at the banks only up to a relatively low maximum amount, in addition, everything is connected with a high risk for the investors.

Go once to your bank and require for the investment amount a mortgage security. The banker will laugh at you.

If you wanted, however, a loan or even a construction financing is the first question of the banker which securities you have to offer.

If you have thought about two preceding sentences and agree to us, our investment offer will interest you absolutely.

We offer for investors from an investment amount of 5,000€ an investment beside highly secured a high guaranteed payment of interest .

How is our offer possible?

We invest your money in real estates and high-quality airplanes. You are a private financier

The payment of interest we offer corresponds possibly that what we would have to pay at a bank for interest and prematurity compensations.

Which security do you have?

We acquire real estates with your money from predicaments and therefore far below market value. They are secured perhaps with equal standing with other investors at the first rank place in the land register. In case of an insolvency the investors have access to the real estates before all other creditors. Because a real estate real never loses in value, but it is sometimes the situation to get a property sold faster or slower. You can normal never lose your money, but even if it is urgent to get the money, you can never lose everything. I small loss is possible if you need the money urgent.  Because banks pay today an interest rate of about 1 – 3%, we, however, pay more than the double, this means for you:

    a.   Within three years you have achieved about 10% more for your
          investment than at a bank
    b.   Because the object are granted a loan not higher than banks
          would do, you still became make the difference between market
          value and the actual mortgage beside the higher yields than
    c.   Beside the interest payments we still offer other advantages.
          Please contact us by fax, phone or email.

How long is my money put on?

The term amounts 6 years, indeed, we reserve ourselves an untimely right to cancel, because the real estates were acquired to the resale and as soon as a buyer the real estate acquires this must be handed over freely of loan. In this case the investor gets back his investment amount plus which interest has resulted perhaps still since the last payment and there becomes natural also the handling fee proportionately refunds. Of course you have the possibility to invest this money immediately again in another object.

Get in contact with us, we will discuss your questions with pleasure and without obligations.

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